Sebastián Alonso

Symposium Beijing / 30.05 – 01.06. 2014 / CAFA Art Museum


Sebastián Alonso from Montevideo

The Collective Eye Symposium – Sebastián Alonso from TheCollectiveEye on Vimeo.

Sebastián Alonso. Montevideo-Uruguay.

Artist and professor of Visual Arts at the National School of Fine Arts, Uruguay.

I am working for twenty years in lines of activity that hybridize the organization in art, curatorial works, produce meetings and other events, critical writing, the provision of teaching and participation in seminars, publishing, performing work in different media (installation, photography, video, publications…). I am part of the collective alonso+Craciun 2004-2014; “The collective eye” project; “CasaMario” (Montevideo); “Nucleus Research in Visual Culture, Education and Construction of Identity”. I participated individually and collectively in biennials, exhibitions, events of different order in Montevideo and cities in Europe and South America. Featured Projects: “CasaMario” (Montevideo); “AMORIR , place of artistic practices, aesthetic and politics” 2007-2008 (alonso + craciun); “Bienal of Montevideo “El gran sur” -alonso + Craciun-; 12th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale 2010.


“CasaMario” Project

The main objective of this project is to establish as a collective, a space dedicated to the discussion and production of art; exchange of artists as well as national and international works of art. Striving to become a cultural and artistic platform within the neighborhood, enabling the inclusion of diverse crowds and audiences and the realization of different events and exhibitions produced by the participants.

The aim is to work on the critical analysis of the construction process of these works from its inception, incorporating writers, critics and academic guests, and creating spaces for discussion and exchange of ideas regarding these processes. In this way promoting to collectivize the subjectivity involved in artistic creation, intending to reflect upon the following statement.


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