Exhibition in Montevideo


The Collective Eye
in search of another subjectivity
18th October – 2nd December / Centro de Exposiciones SUBTE
Plaza Fabini, Avda. 18 de Julio and J. Herrera y Obes, Montevideo, Uruguay.


The exhibition in search of another subjectivity is organized by the project “The Collective Eye” directed by the collective alonso + craciun, Heinz Norbert Jocks and Dominique Garaudel, with the production of the Goethe Institut, Institut Francais, the French Embassy in Montevideo and Exhibition Center SUBTE.
“The Collective Eye”is a project where groups of artists, collectives, curators and citizens from all over the world, exchange ideas and present in public works, projects, videos, photos, exhibitions and activities.
The exhibition “The Collective Eye, in search of another subjectivity” aims to publicly launch the project and to present a first approach to the question posed by the collective curatorial practice, reflecting it on contemporary processes of artistic creation in relation to the collective and its influence into the public sphere. The exhibition is the result of exchanges and meetings with artworks that incorporate: the collective praxis, critical models of approach to reality and experiences that transcend artistic fields. It will feature 30 international art collectives, as well as the presence in Montevideo of theorists, critics and artists who will accompany the activities.
Agustina Rodríguez y Eugenia González (uruguay), alonso+craciun (uruguay),Art Orienté Objet (france), AtelieRnaTional (france), Crac (chile), Collectiv MU (france), ComeTogether Projekt (germany), Copyleft Attitude (france), Democracia (spain), Dias & Riedweg (brazil/switzerland), Elmgreen & Dragset(denmark/norway), FORT (germany), Genuflexos! (uruguay), GRAM&lt, (austria), GUEST (china), Katleen Vermeir & Ronny Heiremans (belgium), Iconoclasistas (argentina), Jochen Schmith (germnay), Konsortium D (germany), La Darsena (argentina), Legoville (uruguay/switzerland), Ludovic Chemarin© (france), Mapeo (uruguay), Moxie (germany), Robin Kahn (united states), Société Réaliste (france), Société Veranda (france), Stalker (international), Sun Yuan & Peng Yu (china), Voina group (russia)
Interviews with: Stephen Wright (canada), AntonVidokle / e-flux (russia), Ana Valdés (uruguay), Jean-Jacques Lebel (france), Raqs Media Collective (india)

Review of the exhibition in Montevideo