AtelieRnaTional from Marseille, France

The AtelieRnaTional is primarily a space for contemporary creation. It is the result of a group of artists and designers who wished to establish a multi-disciplinary space that was flexible and adaptable to their various disciplines. The space – a total area of 400 m2 – is arranged to combine production facilities and an exhibition space. It provides an open platform of exploration and experimentation for both artists and the public, and hopes to be a conduit for the exchange of ideas and practices.

The AtelieRnaTional will organize events to present artists, musicians, dancers, writers, architects … It has the potential to host artists in residence, and provide them with the use of production facilities (screen printing, wood, metal, paint …), and exhibit french and international artists.

The AtelieRnaTional is an association founded in 2010 under the 1901 law. It is located in the third arrondissement of Marseille between National Boulevard and the autoroute overpass, at 67 rue Hoche and 18 rue Junot.

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