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The Collective Eye – Project

It was presumably the idea of the “collective”, which brought us together and which connected us with each other. In december 2011 it was Dr. Elisabeth Lattaro from the Goethe Institut Uruguay who invited us and also supported our project. We wanted to know more about the difference between a collective and the practice of an individual. Furthermore we wanted to understand and to learn about the special and particular conditions of collectives and also, how other collectives came together as a group. What were their motives and reasons for it? What motivates the individual to join forces with and inside of a group? How are collective designs produced? What role does the subjectivity of the individual play in the process, and to what extent does a collective depend on a form of intersubjectivity or group subjectivity?
How can this be described? Are there societal, social or cultural conditions which favour collective practice or produce a balance? In what way do collective strategies distinguish themselves? In short, the instant of diversity and with it the varied forms of expression and approaches of collectives.

The Collective Eye Project is an ongoing project with exhibitions, workshops, talks and symposiums all over the world.

It is realized in partnership with the Goethe Institut and the Institut Français, supportet by Élysée-Fonds


contact europe
Heinz-Norbert Jocks, heinz-norbert-jocks (at) t-online.de
Dominique Lucien Garaudel, dlg (at) moxienetwork.de

contact china
Luis Nuo,  author_nuo (at) hotmail.com

contact south america
Sebastián Alonso, Martin Craciun: info (at) alonso-craciun.net


The Collective Eye Team:
Heinz-Norbert Jocks, Dominique Lucien Garaudel, Sebastián Alonso,
Martin Craciun, Luis Nuo, Thomas Spallek, Zandie Brockett






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The Collective Eye
c/o moxie
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40221 Düsseldorf

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Dominique Garaudel
Heinz-Norbert Jocks

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