Symposium in Beijing

Symposium in Beijing
Group subjectivity and its aesthetics in the light of cultural differences
An International Symposium of the Franco-German “The Collective Eye” Project
30.05 + 31.05 + 01.06. 2014
CAFA Museum, Beijing, China

It is realized in partnership with the Goethe Institut and the Institut Français,
supportet by Élysée-Fonds

Heinz-Norbert Jocks (Düsseldorf), Frédéric Rambeau (Paris), Stephen Wright (Paris), Zandie Brockett (Beijing), Karen Smith  (Beijing), Nataline Colonnello (Beijing), Ou Ning  (Huangshan, Anhui), Wang Huangsheng (Beijing), Qiu Zhijie (Beijing), Bao Dong (Beijing), Philip Tinari (Beijing), Song Yi (Beijing), Jeff Leung Chin Fung (HongKong)

Isola Art Center (Milan), Lucy+Jorge Orta (Paris), Alain Snyers (Paris), Jochen Schmith (Hamburg), NBDBKP (Berlin), Robin Kahn (New York), Sebastian Alonso (Montevideo), AES+F (Moscow), Tian Yibin (Beijing), Sunyuan & Pengyu (Beijing), Su Wei, Carol Lu & Liu Ding (Beijing), Ouyang Xiao

The Symposium with international artists, collectives, theorists, thinkers, exhibition makers and philosophers will approach to the question of group subjectivity and its aesthetics in the light of cultural differences. There will be talks on the concept of the collective and of the group in the work of Jean-Paul Sartre, lectures on the theory of collective labour, panel discussions on how culture influence the artistic work of a collective or the nature of the process of collective work. And it will look on the transformation of collective thought and collective seeing in the age of the Internet.

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